The Skate Kitchen

The Skate Kitchen delivers a pop-up skatepark complete with kicker ramps, quarter pipes, manual pads, boxes and rails to events and neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio. Always free to participate – skaters of all ages can skate, meet each other and the community.

Skateboarding is a fun and challenging activity and most neighborhoods don't have designated places to skate. Pop up your own one-day skate spot as part of your event and bring the skaters and community together for a good cause.

The Skate Kitchen is available as part of a larger event or as a stand-alone event. Skateboard lessons are also available for an additional fee.

A Public Square Group Program

The Skate Kitchen is one of the many programs of Public Square Group, Inc. PSG is a 501c3 non-profit charity dedicated to supporting skateboarding, art and civics. Our members are volunteers from every corner of Northeast Ohio drawn together to help put something back into the thing that gave us so much.